– In the Sejm over a month waiting to publish another civic project – the Committee “Save Women 2017”, which seeks to liberalize the current rules ws.

Poles believe that the situation in Poland is heading in the wrong direction [POLL CBOS] “The survey results concerning the representativeness of the political scene for the most part coincide with the survey studying support for individual groups. Support for PiS declared in a poll conducted on May 5-12 23 per cent. surveyed – 25 percent at the same time. It indicates the PiS as a representative of their views and interests; Modern if the ratio is 12 percent. to 14 per cent., PO – 11 percent. up to 10 percent. The largest gap between the support and the identification of the views of the party noted kukiz’15 – 5 percent. respondents declared support, and 9 percent. He believes that the group best represents their interests. 3 percent. of the respondents supports both the PSL and considers this party as the proper representative of the views and interests.

In the case of the SLD is 2 percent. support, 3 percent. representation. Played: Total KORWIN and recorded a score of 2 percent. in both polls. The emergence of new political parties and initiatives as a result of the recent elections clearly influenced the survey results – concludes CBOS. As noted, the Poles now not only more likely to feel represented, but also more likely to find a moiety that is familiar to them, less likely to distance themselves to the whole spectrum of political parties. “Decomposition has so far been maintained since years the quasi-two-party system forces. He gained the PiS, while clearly lost the PO.

The emergence of new parties and political initiatives has increased the Poles a sense of representativeness of the political scene” – adds CBOS. The poll was conducted on 5-12 May 2015 on 1,100 people representative random sample of adult Polish citizens. This is the first CBOS survey examining the level of representativeness of the political scene, which was carried out after winning the elections, PiS. Previous was conducted in February 2014. Cases tend to the fact that on February 2, in principle, should receive some kind of notification from the United States – said Peskov.

He explained that in recent days, the Russian authorities have not contacted in this matter with the US. The representative of the Kremlin accused the United States that have taken “a long time ago decided to seek to tear down” the INF. “To our regret in the coming days is likely this decision will be implemented, its enacting starts – he added. Peskov accused the US authorities reluctance to talks with Russia on the system. Also, the deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov expressed on Friday belief that” Americans Consequently reject “bilateral agreement still in Soviet times, the system disarmament. He stated that it would mean” a very strong blow to the existing at the moment the system of international arms control and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. “Deputy Minister, who gave the Friday interview to Russia-24 on INF topic, quoted, among others, Russia’s arguments concerning the elements of the US missile defense system deployed in Europe.

Ryabkov said that “in the worst scenario,” Americans can deploy Tomahawk missiles on land with nuclear warheads. “I do not know when the Americans produce them, but such mozl iwosc – deploy (deployment of such missiles – PAP) in Romania – there is already “- he said. He mentioned in this context, the planned missile shield elements in Polsce.zobacz the United States will announce the suspension of the INF »See also: Lavrov: Russia will respond to placement in Europe of banned missile system INF» United States can this weekend to announce the suspension of its obligations under the INF Treaty. Feb. 2 deadline for a 60-day ultimatum posed by Russia, the United States on the issue fulfill the requirements of the Treaty. US claim that, contrary to the arrangement Russia acquired a new long-range cruise missiles SSC-8. INF prohibits signatories of ownership of land and maneuvering ballistic missiles with a range of 500 to 5.5 thousand. kilometers.

Russia refutes these allegations. INF system with a total elimination of intermediate missiles and medium-range signed by leaders of the US and the then Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987 in Washington. It provides for the elimination of arsenals of weapons and prohibits the manufacture, storage and use. The termination of the treaty by the US will become effective six months after the formal notification of such an intention. Barnier in his speech before the combined committees of foreign affairs and European policy of the Italian Senate, said: “We will listen with great attention and constructive spirit of the speech, which will deliver tomorrow in Florence British Prime Minister Theresa May”.

So he referred to Friday’s highly anticipated of the head of government in London on negotiations on Brexitu and possible new proposals her office. Barnier also said: “If we want an agreement, we must say that time is running out” .See also: Foreign Minister: they shall beat Brexit a huge success »He recalled that half a year has passed since the letter Theresa May, the decision of the United Kingdom leaving the EU. Stipulated that for six months before 29 March 2019 or definitively leave the Union by Britain, negotiations should be concluded to have then another half a year on ratifications. “So we are left with only a year between now and the autumn of 2018 years” – noted Barnier. He expressed the hope that the end of this year will be a “sufficient progress” to be able to begin the second part of the negotiations. He added that Brexit “can not be to the detriment of the common market”.

Then he pointed out: “You need to find an agreement with the United Kingdom, but it should be no compromise when it comes to the rules.” “They must be respected” – he said. Michel Barnier declared: “Our priority are nationals of European countries in the United Kingdom. It is essential that all citizens, among them Italians, they could continue to live there as before, with the same rights and protection.” It’s the same thing – he stressed – also applies to the British in the 27 EU countries. French politician stressed that the issue of protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK require further discussion in order to guarantee that they be included in the treaty. It can not be his opinion “secondary matter” .See also Tillerson: The US is a staunch ally Britain »” We want to take into account the role of the Court of Justice in the Treaty to guarantee these rights and carry on a conversation from the next round of negotiations “, – he added.

According to Barnier, it is possible the rapid conclusion of an agreement with London on Brexitu. He quoted the words of Niccolo Machiavelli that “where there is a lot of good will, there can be big problems.” When an EU negotiator in the Senate, met with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentilonim. Gowin was asked in a radio Jedynka Poland’s expulsion of Russian diplomats in solidarity with Britain. More than a dozen EU countries, including Poland, decided to expel Russian diplomats in response to the attack on the British Salisbury. Poland declared persona non grata of four Russian diplomats. Other countries that have so far announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats are Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia and Hungary. In addition to the four Polish diplomats expelled as France and Germany, the three – Czech Republic and Lithuania, two – Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy, and one – Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Croatia and Szwecja.zobacz also: Expert: Putin can answer more than the expulsion of diplomats “On the question of whether we should” go further “, whether it is sufficient response, Deputy Prime Minister replied:” I do not see any reason that we have unilaterally escalate sanctions against Russia. ” “I am glad that in this case the Western world showed solidarity and actions but relatively decisive” – ??said Gowin.

The Deputy Prime Minister also expressed the hope that in this case “the consequences will be more.” “First of all I think about the Nord Stream project 2. The German Government should be aware now – after the outbreak of the scandalous affair – who has to do the other side” – said Gowin.zobacz also Zurawski vel Grajewski to expel Russian diplomats: demonstration of unity ” Skripal, former GRU colonel and accompanying daughter Juliet March 4 were taken to hospital in critical condition, when they lost consciousness in Salisbury southwest of London. In the course of the investigation, conducted with the participation of anti-terrorist police forces and military experts. chemical weapons, discovered that the attempt to poison and his daughter Skripala produced in Russia used chemical weapons Nowiczok type. As part of the United Kingdom diplomatic sanctions expelled from its territory of 23 Russian diplomats. Boss Deputy Culture Minister expressed hope that the so-called. eugenic premise, which – in his opinion – “a scandal”, will be eliminated from the Polish law. “This is a painful thing, that in Poland for many, many years allows the killing of sick children, just because they are sick” – he said. Sellin recalled that a group of deputies filed a complaint at the end of October to the Constitutional Court in connection with the provision authorizing the termination of pregnancy due to birth defects.

TK examine whether the so-called. premise in the law regarding eugenic. abortion is consistent with the Constitution. According to Sellin it is one of two routes – the statutory beside the road – enabling “eugenic elimination of the condition” with Polish law. Asked if it manages to eliminate by the end of the parliamentary term, he replied, “if such two roads have been started, it looks like so.” Committee # ZatrzymajAborcje filed Thursday in parliament civic anti-abortion bill, which removes the possibility of termination of pregnancy due to severe and irreversible birth defects. Under the proposal signed by more than 830 thousand. citizens. The term is still unknown when the Tribunal would deal with the request ws.

Admissibility of abortion. President TK Julia Przylebska in early November, said in an interview with PAP that this is a matter of months. Support for the changes proposed by the president expressed ZatrzymajAborcje # Andrzej Duda. In an interview, he said that if such a law will go to his desk, it is a sign. In turn, Justice spokeswoman Beata Mazurek radio interview when asked whether the PiS support this project, he said that the grouping does not have the discipline to vote on matters philosophical. “(…) I do not think we did not support this approach,” – she added. In the Sejm over a month waiting to publish another civic project – the Committee “Save Women 2017”, which seeks to liberalize the current rules ws. Abortion.

This project, in addition to the right to terminate pregnancy up to 12 weeks at the request of a woman, also provides for reimbursement of contraception and free access to the so-called. emergency contraception. Currently pill “day after” is available only on prescription. The authors of the proposal also want to limit the use of conscientious objection by doctors. In force since 1993. Act on family planning, human embryo protection and conditions of permissibility of abortion allows abortion when the pregnancy endangers the life or health of the woman is a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable life-threatening disease, or when the pregnancy was a result of a criminal act. In the first two cases, abortion is permitted until the fetus reaches the ability to live independently outside the mother’s body; in the case of a criminal act – if not from the beginning of pregnancy has been more than 12 weeks. (PAP) Bluden has its own railway station, shop Belaya Rus, Witall hairdresser, clinic, historic church, post office, beet plantation and factory of animal feed.

And a steadfast member of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, who managed to win re-election. As explained in the previous term council Bluden including rural and seven other villages were selected him because the authorities did not know that sympathizes with the opposition. Won a second term, he put the appropriate number of trusted people in the committees, preventing the rigging of the elections. In the previous paragraph I wrote that Bilibucha is a member of the BCD. That’s not entirely true, because BCD does not formally exist. In January, activists for the seventh time in a row have applied for registration. All previous and the first was made in 2009.

Were rejected. After each “no” registration process must begin anew. So organize congress, accept the statute, fill out an application etc. Valery Bilibucha officially is therefore not linked to the BCD, but the organizing committee of the party. And may remain so, because President Alexander Lukashenko years ago confided in an interview with “The Washington Post”, the Christian Democrats’ probably never register “.See also: Belarus: the European Commission has formulated 500 questions on the nuclear power plant» system of local authorities in Belarus are Soviet fossil. The working people of towns and villages elect their representatives to the village councils, districts, cities, regions and circuits.

Those following the election have absolutely nothing to say, because the most important issues, and so determines the vertical power structure, appointed and subject to the president. Despite this, the state apparatus as a rule does not allow for such accidents at work as Bilibucha. Local elections are rigged as the presidential and parliamentary elections. No permission and aware that councils and so get to the top Set of mid-level managers with budzetowki whether teachers, made willing to stand missing. The average number of candidates for the mandate was lower than two, that is, in many places, the choices were bezalternatywne. Despite this, the authorities proudly announced that they went to the polls 77 percent.

Belarusians. Although everyone knows that the number taken from space. A handful of opposition observers adds that such dirty elections has not yet widziala.zobacz also: Belarus: Belsat operator beaten by police at a polling station in Minsk »Power powalczyla of attendance. Students and policemen were forcibly herding to the polls during the ongoing almost a week early voting. The more cards you collect in the polls before Sunday, the easier it is to manipulate the result. This time we managed to prove so. carousel, the admission of proven multiple people to cast votes. In Naroczy enough to enter a pencil in the document code 000-179, to get another card, which tested wearing activist Dzianis Krauczuk.

To power the secrets remained safe, the committee members bothered by observers as they could.